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Ethics and Gender by Lisa Melton.  The Times Health Pages.  Page 12.  26th June 2001


The Worst of Both Worlds by Christine Toomey.  The Sunday Times Magazine.  Cover Story, Pages 34 - 40.  28th October 2001


Silent Battle of the Sexes by Megan Lloyd Davies.  Western Daily Press (Bristol).  Page 26, 4 Woman.  18th February 2003


Melissa - Why My Parents Thought I Was Born A Boy by Abigail Hughes.  Daily Post (North Wales).  Pages 18 - 19, Viva! Section.  8th April 2003


We're Not Freaks, We're Just Born Between Two Sexes by Jacqui Thornton.  The Sun.  Pages 52 - 53, Health Section.  13th February 2003

Unnatural Selection by Anjana Ahjua. The Times, Health Section.  2nd February 2004  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,8123-986519,00.html  



What My Mother NEVER Told Me by Rachael Woolston.  REAL Magazine.   Pages 64 - 67.  Issue 30 October - 12 November 2001


What Sex Are You? OK. Now Prove it by Linda Gray, Viv Groskop, Roger Highfield. EVE Magazine.  Pages 45 - 50.  May 2002


What Sex Are You? Are You Sure? by Ann Kent.  Take a Break Magazine.  Pages 8 - 11.  Autumn Special 2002


I Was Lied To But My Son Will Know The Truth by Emma Smith.  Womans Own Magazine.  Pages 46 - 47.  17th November 2003


REAL People - Imagine Being Born With Both Male & Female Sexual Organs, For 1 in 3000 Children This is a Reality by Theodora Sutcliffe.  REAL Magazine.  Pages 58 - 61.  9 - 22 September 2003


REAL Opinion - Why This Barbaric Act Must Stop by Jacqui Paterson.  REAL Magazine.  Pages 40 - 41.  22 April - 5th May 2003


One Girls Story - The Reality of Life When Your Body's Intersex by Suzy Cox.  19 Magazine.  Pages 42 - 43.  May 2003


We're Proud To Be Intersex by Beverly Kemp.  NOW Magazine.  Pages 16 - 18.  30th April 2003



BBC Radio 4 'Woman's Hour' - Intersex Surgery Discussion Listen online http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/womanshour/10_12_01/tuesday/info1.shtml

BBC Radio 4 'You & Yours' - Intersex Surgery Discussion 10th August 2001

BBC Radio 4 & Open University - Intersex Discussion - Lisa-Lee Dark

BBC Radio 3 Counties - Intersex Surgery Discussion 2001



Gender Trouble by Roz Mortimer, Wonderdog Productions, 2002.  A film aimed at helping the removal of the social and medical secrecy of Intersex conditions.   Premiered at The Wellcome Trust Science and Art Symposium, Liverpool, 26th September 2002. (see http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/en/symposiumflyer/email.html). It is also being screened at the National Science Museum in Taiwan (Oct 2002 for 6 months) and may be on British TV.  The Wellcome Trust launched 'Gender Trouble' at the Wellcome Trust Building, Euston, London on 5th December 2002.

In June 2002, four women (A CAH woman and three women from AISSG ) were interviewed on camera for a documentary film 'Gender Trouble' made by Roz Mortimer of Wonderdog Productions (http://www.wonder-dog.co.uk) about people's experiences of intersex (no clinicians taking part). Film will be available from Wonderdog Productions.

Direct link to 'Gender Trouble' page - http://www.wonder-dog.co.uk/gender.html 

Direct link to 'Gender Trouble' ordering page - http://www.wonder-dog.co.uk/gender3.html 

A representative from the Wellcome Trust's Medicine in Society programme e-mailed Roz Mortimer saying:

"I thought Gender Trouble was a simply incredible piece of film - thought provoking, moving and beautiful. We have 'public engagement' as a Trust mission, and our department particularly works to raise awareness of ethical and social issues arising from biomedical science.  I don't know if I've ever seen it done better than by your film. Please do pass on my comments to the women who appeared in the film. 

They deserve the highest credit and praise.  They came across as breathtakingly courageous, articulate, eloquent and perceptive.  No-one in the room was left in any doubt of their strength of character.  Your film was so impressive because in giving them space to tell their stories, powerful and moving in their own right, it also generated obvious broader resonances. 

Do you know how many discussions it generated?  At all kinds of levels...  of the stories of those women and how they have been treated; gender and identity; medical and social labelling of people; power relationships between patients and doctors (and parents and children); the impact of narrative, emotion and image in public engagement...."

Roz Mortimer commented:

" I'm delighted by this response which echoes a great deal of the reaction at Liverpool. I feel proud to have made this film: on both a personal and professional level it has been an inspiring experience."


Professor William Dunlop, President (2002) of the Royal College of Obstetrician's and Gynaecologists commented:

Many Thanks for sending me the excellent video tape entitled "Gender Trouble" by Roz Mortimer.  It is very well made and clearly explains many of the concerns of individuals with intersex conditions.  I shall make sure it is available in the College for those with interests in this important subject.


'Talking Back to Science: Art, Science and the Personal'. Edited by Bergit Arends and Verity Slater. 

Published by the Wellcome Trust, in paperback with DVD at GBP 5.00, ISBN: 1841 290 52 1. Available to purchase through Cornerhouse

Publications ( http://www.cornerhouse.co.uk  ).

A unique written, photographic and DVD journey through the final nine projects funded by the Science on Stage and Screen Programme of the biomedical charity the Wellcome Trust.

Through text, images and a DVD Talking Back to Science provides an insight into the work of artists and scientists collaborating to explore biomedical science through  performance, film and video. The artists and their contributors speak with candour, love, sensuality, poetry and intelligence about subjects as diverse as intersex conditions, osteoporosis, visual agnosia, cancer and autism.

The scientists speak of the new perspective that artists can bring through their lateral and associative thinking, finding connections that a scientist might have overlooked in favour of the telescopic vision they assume out of necessity.

DVD includes the complete Gender Trouble film.



Why Men Don't Iron by  Quality Time Television, 1997.  Programme screened on Channel 4.


Body Chemistry - Hormonally Yours  by  BBC Features Bristol co-production with Discovery Channel / BBC Education, 1999.  Programme screened on BBC,14th February 2000.  More details on the programme at www.bbc.co.uk/health 


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