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The Adrenal Hyperplasia Network UK has been set up to provide support for all ages with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), particularly adults and teenagers. 

This web site is being continually developed.  Articles will appear on various issues of CAH including Endocrinology, Gynaecology, Surgery, Urology, Fertility and Psychology.

We work closely with the medical profession having 10 medical advisors and are currently involved with some research into improving treatment.  We are also writing a book on "CAH Surgery and Dilatation" aimed at GP's, Nurses, Adults, Teenagers and Parents.

Coming very soon "Preview sample chapter from AHN Book - CAH Surgery & Dilatation"

We have contact with International Support Groups in Sweden, Australia, USA, New Zealand, France, Finland, Holland.  In the UK we work closely with CAHG, AIS Support Group UK, GIG, ROSA, Contact a Family, Rare Disorders Alliance and the Child Growth Foundation.

We provide support by letter, e-mail and meetings.  Telephone support is only available to members.  As the network grows, we hope to be able to raise both awareness and funds not just for support but also CAH research.  We are building up a library of information on CAH from all over the World, and are working on information packs and have a booklet specifically for Adults & Teenagers with CAH written by Dr G. S. Conway and also forms a major part of this web site.

Melissa Cull



A swine flu information sheet for patients taking hydrocortisone.  

This advice has been prepared for patients that need regular replacement hydrocortisone therapy, as a result of pituitary or adrenal (Addison?s disease) failure (also applicable to CAH).  The information sheet has been prepared by the Society for Endocrinology Clinical Committee in association with the Addison?s Disease Self Help Group and the Pituitary Foundation.

The patient information sheet can be accessed on the Society for Endocrinology homepage: 


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