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CAH Support Group Links

CAH Support Group of CLIMB    Provides support for families, children and young adults with CAH www.cah.org.uk 

 Australian CAH Support Group    Provides support for families, children and young adults with CAH www.rch.unimelb.edu.au/CAH

Riksf?reningen f?r Adrenogenitalt Syndrom    Swedish CAH Support Group (site is in Swedish) http://home.bip.net./rf-ags   new site  www.cah.se

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Support Group New Zealand (CAHNZ Trust) New Zealand CAH Support Group

USA CAH Web    Support for families  http://www.magicfoundation.org/www/docs/100/congenital_adrenal_hyperplasia.html

USA CAH Message Board http://www.CongenitalAdrenalHyperplasia.org

CAH Personal Stories Web Site www.cahourstories.net

CAH Adult Message Board - USA www.cahourstories.net/forum/wwwboard.html


CAH & Other Information Booklets

PDF of CAH Adult Information Booklet by Dr G. Conway  CAH booklet Requires 

Various Information Booklets by Dr G. Conway www.endocrinology.org.uk 



AISSG - AIS Support Group UK    Provides support and information on Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and associated Intersex conditions www.medhelp.org/www/ais

Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis Support Group    www.xyxo.org 


Other Support Group Links

CLIMB - Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases    Provides support for all metabolic diseases www.climb.org.uk

Child Growth Foundation    www.heightmatters.org.uk

GIG - Genetic Interest Group    Provides information and support for various genetic conditions www.gig.org.uk

CaF - Contact a Family    www.cafamily.org.uk

The Pituitary Foundation    Provides information and support for Pituitary conditions  www.pituitary.org.uk

The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Addison en Cushing Pati?nten (NVACP) The Netherlands Support group for Addison's and Cushing's (Will be covering CAH soon) (web is in Dutch and English)  www.nvacp.nl

ROSA - Rokatansky Support & Advice  Support for MRKH (E-mail only) rosagroup@yahoo.co.uk 

ASG - Anorchidism Support Group    Provides information and support for congenital absence of testes    http://community.nj.com/cc/anorchidismsupportgroup          http://freespace.virgin.net/asg.uk

NZAN - The New Zealand Support Group for Addison's Disease www.addisons.org.nz

ADSHG - Addisons Disease Self Help Group - The UK Support Group for Addison's Disease http://www.adshg.org.uk 

Association Surr?nalesThe French Support Group for Adrenal Conditions including CAH, Addison's Disease and Cushings Disease  http://www.surrenales.fr.st 

The Daisy Network - Premature Menopause Support Group www.daisynetwork.org.uk 

Freshwinds - Supporting People Living with Life Threatening & Life Limiting Illnesses http://www.freshwinds.org.uk

Special Abilities - A self-help information organisation for parents/carers of special needs children we support.  Based in West Yorkshire and support families locally and nationally    www.abilities.fsnet.co.uk


Hospital Links

University College London Hospitals http://www.uclh.org/services/reprodev/index.shtml  

Johns Hopkins Hospital Web site for Intersex & CAH www.hopkinsmedicine.org/pediatricendocrinology     

BC's Children's Hospital - Endocrine & Diabetes Section    www.cw.bc.ca/endodiab


Dilator Manufacturers

Amielle Dilators (Owen Mumford)    The site of the company that manufactures and markets the Amielle vaginal dilators www.owenmumford.com


Women's Health

Womens-Health    A UK site www.womens-health.co.uk


Medical Societies and Royal Colleges

BSPED - British Society for Paediatrics, Endocrinology & Diabetes     www.bsped.org.uk

RCOG - Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology     www.rcog.org.uk

Britspag - British Society for Paediatric Gynaecology     

BAPS - British Society for Paediatric Surgeons    www.baps.org.uk 

Society for Endocrinology    www.endocrinology.org 


General Health

Well-Aware    A general medical information site with lots of very useful information in easy to understand format www.well-aware.co.uk


Natural Health

Bioterrain    A natural health information site with lots of very useful information on alternative health treatments  www.bioterrain.co.uk 


Higher Education & Web Search

Guide for Graduates    A source of up to date information for Graduates Getting Your Doctorate

KwMap    A source of links  KwMap



Entrez - Pubmed    A source of up to date medical reference material www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=PubMed  


Medical Journals

BMJ - British Medical Journal    A source of up to date medical articles www.bmj.com 

The Lancet - UK Medical Journal    A source of up to date medical articles www.thelancet.com



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