Rachel Balen & Marilyn Crawshaw Book



Sexuality and Fertility Issues in ill Health and Disability

Editors: Rachel Balen & Marilyn Crawshaw

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN 1-84310-339-7

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This groundbreaking text explores sexuality and fertility issues for young people living with ill health or disability. This subject is often considered taboo, although for some of those coping with sexual or fertility impairment, it can be as difficult as coping with the disability or health condition itself.

Bringing together personal, professional and academic perspectives from a variety of disciplines and located within a life-course development framework, this book takes a holistic view of young people moving towards adulthood and examines the impact of illness or disability on their sexual and fertile identities.

The broad range of chapters includes the experiences of minority ethnic groups, managing relation-ships, fertility preservation and treatment, and the transition to parenthood

Professionals working with adolescents and young adults will find this book a rich source of insights, information and guidance.

CONTENTS: Part 1: Children and young people?s understanding of sexuality, fertility and parenting. 

1. Sexuality and sexual health throughout the teenage years. Sarah Andrews 

2. The views of the next generation: An exploration of priorities for adulthood and the meaning of parenthood amongst 10-16 year olds. Claire Fraser and Rachel Balen. 

3. Children?s understandings of infertility. Rachel Balen and Claire Fraser. 

Part 2: Medical, scientific, legal and ethical aspects of compromised fertility in adolescence and early adulthood. 

4. Health conditions and treatments affecting fertility in childhood and teenage years. Adam Balen and Adam Glaser. 

5. Fertility preservation methods and treatments for females. Helen Picton. 

6.Fertility preservation methods and treatments for males, Allan Pacey. 

7. Legal and ethical aspects surrounding fertility preservation services for children and young people. David Green and Marilyn Crawshaw. 

Part 3: The experience of living with health conditions and disability and the impact on sexuality and fertility. 

8. Disability, chronic illness, fertility and minority ethnic young people: Making sense of identity, diversity and difference. Karl Atkin, Amanda Rodney and Francine Cheater. 

9. The sting in the tail: teenagers coping with sperm banking following a cancer diagnosis. Marilyn Crawshaw. 

10. Infertility: An unspoken presence in the lives of teens and young women with Turner Syndrome. Elizabeth Loughlin. 

11. Sexual and reproductive health in young people with cystic fibrosis: Hard to talk about but too important to ignore. Bridget Farrant and Susan M. Sawyer. 

12. Dispelling the taboo of intersex conditions: We?re only human like you! Melissa Cull. 

13. Young adult cancer survivors: Shaken up, getting back, moving on. Brad Zebrack. 

14. Becoming a parent: The transition to parenthood where there is pre-existing fertility impairment. Mary Self. 

Part 4. Voices. 

Unintended catharsis through intended art. Dan Savage. 

Orchid. Jen King. 

From one parent to another. Jane Davies. 

Happy in her own skin. Sarah Clough. 



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